19 Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas.

Decorating a kitchen window sill can be fun and easy with the decorating hacks.

If you have ever been stuck and haven’t know what to put in your kitchen window sill you aren’t alone. A lot of times it can be an awkward spot to decorate and you don’t want it to look too cluttered. I want to share with you 13 of the best kitchen window sill decorating ideas. To create a cute and clutter free area that you won’t mind looking at when doing the dishes.

Decorating kitchen window sills doesn’t have to hard or complicated.

It should be easy and fun. Plus it’s not something we always think about when figuring out where decorations should go in our kitchen. We focus on the kitchen counters, the kitchen island, things that will hang on the wall.

But if we don’t make a real effort to design kitchen window sills than it can become cluttered with a bunch of plants or random items.

When decorating a small area it can be hard sometimes because you don’t know what kinds of items to put there. Let’s go over a few basic decorating rules to remember…

  • A rule of decorating it to use items in three. Group together decorations that are similar in items of three. Always have a stack of books in three, different sized candles in three, vases in three. The reason we use the number three is because odd numbered decorations are easier and more appealing to look at. It will keep the eye looking longer on the decorations.
  • Another rule for interior design is different heights of items. Always use decorations that you can group together that will create lines for your eyes to look at. It’s easier when your eyes know what to follow. If you don’t have a lot of decorations that different heights you can use items as risers. Examples of this are a small tray, stacked books, a wood tile. All of these items can be placed down and a small decoration can go on top.
  • Texture is your friend! Don’t get afraid of using decorations that have different textures in the same design space. That is totally acceptable to do. You can use wood, glass, plastic all in the same area.

Now that have gone over a few basic decorating rules I want to share with you some tips to create stylish kitchen window sills.

What can I put on my window sill?

Those are a few things to give you kitchen window sill options that you can use when decorating.

Like I said before it can be really hard to decorate small spaces because you want to avoid a cluttered look but you don’t want it to look empty either. So I recommend picking out a few small decorations and using them. You can rearrange until you find the right look that you desire.

So my favorite top 5 things that I love to display on a window sill are faux plants, utensil holder, candles, decorative soaps, glass vases.

  • Faux plants are great to use in your house while decorating your kitchen. If you aren’t the best at keeping plants alive you can use fake plants. Most of the time you can’t even tell that they aren’t real. Which is something I love. You have to actually touch them to even be able to tell. Plus you don’t have to remember to water them everyday.
  • Utensil holders are so cute for decoration. One of my favorite things is decor that serves a purpose and that looks great. So a utensil holder is the perfect example of this. You can use it to display the spoons and spatulas that get used the most and put the rest away in the drawer so it doesn’t look cluttered. I have a decor one that holds all my wood rolling pins. It’s a super cute way to display items that you use regularly.
  • Candles are another thing I love. I have them in every room of my house. I light them all the time and have it burning basically all day long. A lot of candles come in a cute glass jar that looks more like a decoration. So if you are like me and are always trying to make your house smell good than candles are the perfect addition to your kitchen window sill decor.
  • Decorative soaps are a fun way to display your hand soap or dish soap. You can buy cute bars of soap or you can just a glass soap dispenser that is used for decoration. I Soaps are always needed in your kitchen you don’t have to just have the plastic soap container that you got from the store. You see it all the time to have a small tray that holds hand soap, dish soap, a bar of soap, and the dish sponge all together. It looks neat and it’s functional. It’s perfect having everything you need and use right in one spot. But instead of putting it next to your sink you can use it as decor on your kitchen window sill.
  • So I have a million glass vases in my home. I have a bunch in storage that I switch out regularly to give a space a new look. I have a small vase sitting on my window sill that holds a tiny bunch of flowers. It isn’t very large so it’s the perfect size for my window sill. You don’t want to use decorations in your window sill that are too large because they will hang off the edge. They could easily fall off and break.

One of the main reasons to use these kitchen window sill ideas when decorating is because you need a decor focal point in your kitchen.

Your eyes will look at the window to look outside automatically and you need something pleasant to look at.

Decorating your window sill doesn’t have to cost a lot or cost anything at all. You can find decorations around your house if you want to. Find decor that has been in storage or just sitting on your bookshelf for a while. Move it to your kitchen window sill to give a fresh new look to your kitchen.

It’s totally normal to rearrange decorations and change up a room often. So if you get sick of decorations after a couple weeks change them around. Take out old ones and put in new ones. I do that all the time around my house. It’s something that’s fun for me and gives an old space a new look. Which I really enjoy!

It’s something you always want to during different seasons of the year. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter you will have different decorations in your kitchen window sills.

So let me share some easy and quick ways for kitchen window sill decorating ideas.

You will want to use smaller ideas that you can change out often and that you enjoy looking at. Cute things that bring you happiness.

So if you’ve been wondering ‘how do you decorate a kitchen window sill’ look below at some of the cutest decorations.

Before I picked out a few decorations I actually wanted to display in my kitchen window sill I hand 7 planted pots sitting there and it looked cluttered. It wasn’t cute and I never took care of that area it just wasn’t a focus. But it should have been.

So here are some decorations that are affordable to make decorating kitchen window sills easy!








I hope you enjoyed this blog post so it can make decorating kitchen window sills so much easier for you.

Decorating doesn’t have to be hard. Always use items that you love and that you enjoy looking at. Because that’s the most important thing. It doesn’t matter if something may not be trendy anymore if you like it then keep it.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. It means so much to me that you are here. Fill out the form below and let’s hang more than just here. I love connecting with my blog family. You’ll be the first to get DIY’s and Blog updates.

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