10 Kitchen Design Pictures To Learn How Joanna Gaines Decorates. + 9 Secrets She ALWAYS does.

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Small Kitchen Design Pictures Modern Farmhouse Style

I just wrote a blog post about the 7 decor hacks that Joanna Gaines does in every master bedroom she decorates. I did a ton of research to find out what she ALWAYS does when decorating. It’s been one of your favorite blog posts lately and I have had a lot of people reach out to me about it.

So I wanted to do a kitchen addition so you can see what Joanna Gaines does in every fixer upper remodel. And I can show you tons of kitchen design pictures!

What is your favorite thing about Joanna Gaines design skills? Tell me in the comments below. I feel like she put a stamp on the farmhouse neutral design look. Her style is Whites, Grays, and Black.

With wood rustic touches. And we all know that I adore those combo’s. My entire home is White with wood elements. So I have always been inspired by her remodels and decorating.

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I haven’t read her book, but I really want to cause it looks amazing! I always get inspired by just looking at her Magnolia Homes blog. I’ve have researched tons on what her design patterns are when she remodels a home all by looking at what she does in every single remodel.

So you’ll see some tips and tricks that she uses in her Fixer Upper renovations. I will share some kitchens what she’s done that have inspired me.

Joanna Gaines has become more popular the past few years. I want to eventually make it down to the magnolia silos and the market. Have you ever been there?

Tell me all the things! Seriously I want to know how much you loved it! They have events a few times a year. I keep telling Tyson I want to make a weekend trip to go there sometime.

I will probably wait until Sawyer is older and we can have a girls weekend. Although she is only 3 months old I am planning all the things for when she is older. I waited 7 years to get her here. I’ve had all these plans for the future forever! If you haven’t read our infertility IVF story you definitely should.

So let’s keep going… What kind of things do you look for when you are trying to get decorating inspiration. I look for ideas of what my style is. I love looking at kitchen design pictures because I think photos bring the most inspiration.

I can read descriptions all day long about how certain kitchens look but until I see exactly how one is decorated it doesn’t give me a full idea on it.

That’s why I’ve written this post. To give you tons of motivation to touch up your own kitchen or add new small details to your existing space.

A new kitchen doesn’t always have to be a complete gut job! A lot of times it’s just moving new decor in to give it a fresh look. By the time this post is done you’ll see exactly what steps you need to do to decorate just like Jojo does.

She inspires us all and I hope you love her design style as much as I do.

You will see tons of fixer upper kitchens hgtv photos in this post.

I will tell you where you can get lookalike decor from every photo. So you can decorate your home and kitchen just like Joanna Gaines does! But first… I want to share with you 7 tips that she uses in every kitchen. You’ll notice that she has a lot of the same basic kitchen decorations and design elements that really show her decorating talents.

These tricks will help you look like a professional in no time!

  • Unique light fixtures – A lot of times your eye is drawn to the light fixture in the kitchen automatically because they are at eye level. Depending on what kind of light fixture you have. Chandeliers or hanging pendant lights are often used in kitchens. Jo uses super cool unique lights in these kitchens.


  • Wood paneling – Wood beams – You will see that wood paneling on the walls like shiplap or board and batten or wood beams gets used. These wood accents are Joanna’s signature.


  • Cutting Boards -Layered cutting boards stacked up against the backsplash adds tons of character and vintage charm when decorating.


  • Painted Cabinets – It’s super trendy to have painted cabinets. Whether you love black, white, or gray cabinets any of those choices are a great pick. If you are looking for the best kind of farmhouse paint take a look at my paint guide here.


  • Open Shelves – This is my favorite thing in kitchens. It’s such a great option for shelves and extra storage.


  • Greenery/Plants – I absolutely love plants in a kitchen and so does Joanna. She uses greenery all the time to adds pops of color in a neutral home.


  • Unique bar stools – So bar stools are a way to add a great piece of furniture that makes a statement in the kitchen. I love different bar stools that you don’t see in every kitchen.


  • One of a kind stove hood – This is kind of a secret that Joanna does all the time in her remodels. You’ll notice she adds a one of a kind hood in most of her kitchen reno’s. Which I absolutely love, because a unique hood isn’t something we always think about when designing a kitchen. But it’s something that should be thought about a lot more in kitchen designs.


  • White Pitchers – This is an easy way to decorate like Joanna Gaines. She loves White everything. And uses White pitchers ALL the time.

All of these photos are from Magnolia Homes.

kitchen design pictures


kitchen design pictures


kitchen design pictures


kitchen design pictures


kitchen design pictures


kitchen design pictures


kitchen design pictures


kitchen design pictures


kitchen design pictures


kitchen design pictures

I hope you enjoyed these gorgeous fixer upper kitchens. It inspired me to redo my own home just looking at these gorgeous kitchens.

Tell me which kitchen is your favorite? You can find tons of lookalike decorations Joanna uses in this blog post, and I hope it helped you with that.

So let’s hangout more than just here! Come find me on Instagram.

I pour my heart into my blog family. If you want to be a part of it, and get DIY tutorials and blog updates fill out the form below.


Thanks so much for coming to the blog today. It means so much that you are here.

10 gorgeous fixer upper kitchens and Joanna Gaines design tips.

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