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10 Cheap Laundry Room Decorations for the Wall. + 5 organizational hacks!

farmhouse laundry room home decor

Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room

A lot of people forget about the design when it comes to decorating the laundry room. It’s a room that we don’t always think about when designing our dream home. But I want to change that. I want to help you create a laundry room that you love. A room that doesn’t make you dread washing and folding clothes.

This blog post is full of laundry room decorations for the wall, for your counter top, and shelves.

You can change the look of a laundry room without doing a complete remodel. You just have to add gorgeous decorations. There are so many fun laundry room wall signs that I will share with you.

When decorating your laundry room you’ll want items that serve a function and are a decoration as well. You will notice that trend in this post.

You’ll see that most of the items here are beautiful to look at but also have a purpose. For example I have included some gorgeous farmhouse laundry detergent bins. They are pretty and will hold your soap.

It’s super common to have shelves and tons of storage in your laundry room. So keeping organized is key when you are decorating your laundry room. It’s makes doing laundry easier.

So I want to share 5 Tips that will keep an organized laundry room.

  • Fold laundry right when it is done in the dryer. I know how hard this is for some people! Myself included. Really though I have left laundry for days before I fold it. But it makes such a difference when I fold it immediately after it’s dry.
  • Empty lint trap after every load in the dryer so it doesn’t build up. I included a decor lint container below.
  • Keep a garbage can in your laundry room. It makes it easier to toss garbage away. If you’re like me when doing my husbands laundry I empty out so much stuff from his pockets. So having a garbage can in the laundry room makes it easier so I am not leaving junk on top of the washing machine.
  • Take full advantage of store bins. I use decor bins to store dryer balls, and cleaner. And really any other random stuff I keep on the shelves.
  • Use a decor laundry detergent container. It will look organized and clean rather than having a box of laundry detergent or a plastic bin of detergent.

If anyone knows me you know how much I hate doing laundry. But it makes it easier that I have a pretty laundry room with laundry room decorations for the wall and shelves.

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You can click on each photo to see exactly where to get it. All of these laundry room decorations for the wall are from Amazon.


I hope these small laundry room organization ideas helped you to see a vision for your laundry room.

It can be so much more than just a space to wash and fold clothes. And I promise if you have an organized room you will be a happier person. The little things make a big difference. Trust me.

Which one of these farmhouse laundry room decorations was your favorite? Tell me in the comments below.

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Cheap Laundry Room Decorations

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