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19 Stylish Laundry Hampers with Lids & other Affordable Farmhouse Laundry Baskets!

19 Stylish Farmhouse Laundry Baskets!

Hello friend! Happy Monday! I hope you are having a great Monday. It’s been pretty good over here. The weather is finally starting to warm up here in Utah. It’s so nice I have been bringing my laptop outside and just working in the backyard. Who doesn’t love that? So last week I posted a blog post with 13 must-have laundry room items. And included 19 of my favorite laundry room design photos for inspiration. I loved writing it. Because I gave me so many ideas for my own laundry room. So today I am going to give you 19 Laundry Hampers with Lids and a few other Farmhouse laundry hampers I love!

Laundry is the one thing I absolutely hate! But if I have a pretty laundry room it’s actually easier to fold laundry right away rather than just leaving it in a pile for a couple days. LOL! So these stylish Laundry Hampers with Lids and other adorable laundry baskets will be a must for you. Just like it is for me! 🙂

Ready to be inspired? Keep reading!

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So I browsed remodel ideas on Pinterest before I wrote my laundry room design ideas post last week. And I noticed there weren’t a ton of laundry basket ideas. So of course I had to write one to include some of my favorite stylish laundry hampers with lids, farmhouse laundry baskets, and I wanted to include some unique laundry baskets. One’s that you won’t see everywhere. Because having unique items in my home is something I love doing. Even if it’s just a laundry basket…

And I really want to know which one of these laundry hampers with lids or other laundry basket is your favorite. So tell me in the comments below. I can’t decide. Because I seriously love ’em all! But the rolling baskets are pretty dang cute!

So let ya girl know!

What is your favorite thing about your laundry room? Let me know! All the little things add up and make such a difference. I love when decorations make a statement. When you look at something in a room and just fall in love. I feel like that’s what decorating is all about. Falling in love with each and every decoration in your home is a MUST!

So I hope this blog post makes decorating your laundry room a bit easier! And finding a perfect hamper that fits your personality. Not just a “regular plastic basket.” Because the small things matter!

Are you remodeling your laundry room? Have you been wanting to? It seems so daunting at times to take on a huge task like that. But I feel like Pinterest and YouTube have everything needed to give you ideas and tips.

A hidden gem in the decorating world that people don’t really think about too often is… AMAZON.

I feel like Amazon has completely taken over the shopping world. Anytime I need to buy something my first thought is “I’ll just go jump on Amazon and look for it.” But not every thinks of decorations when they think of Amazon. Which honestly is a mistake! I’ve bought some of the cutest decorations from there. Because most of the laundry hampers with lids and farmhouse laundry baskets are from Amazon.

So without further to do let’s get down to business!

I will show some of my favorites laundry bins. And I know you will definitely find one you love. Because I know you are looking for a reason to toss those ugly white baskets that we all have. Who would really want to keep them? NOT ME!

Some of the links on my blog are affiliate links, meaning no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you purchase through the links. Thanks for supporting my dream!



I love that these the close at the top. Laundry baskets with lids seems so nice. It looks less messy and a lot more organized hiding the mess of a ton of clothes! Honestly that’s the best part I feel like why these type of hampers are so beneficial.

I’ll show you below a few more options for cute laundry baskets.

So here is some cute stylish hampers. I LOVE farmhouse anything. Even hampers 😉 I’ll show you some adorable looking hampers that you could put in multiple rooms out in the open because they look so cute! Tell me in the comments which kind you prefer.











See what did I tell you?! I knew about seeing all these cute laundry hampers with lids, and farmhouse laundry baskets that you would want to toss those ugly plastic baskets! No need to keep ’em anymore!

Which one is your favorite? Which you could totally have a few of them for different rooms!

If you have been looking for design inspo for your laundry room look no further!

My last blog post I made that actually inspired this one was all about stunning laundry rooms. So as I mentioned before check it out! You won’t be disappointed I promise!

Check out the blog. Take a look around. And stay awhile! 🙂

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