Twig Christmas Ornament

You guys this is my favorite time of the year, I can’t stop all the Christmas DIY projects. These cute Rustic Twig Ornaments were so fun to make and super easy. First I went out into my backyard and some branches that had fallen off the tree. I grabbed a few bundles of branches because I knew I wanted to use them for multiple projects. Another project I made from the branches was the Snowflake Center Piece. You can see it here.

First I broke off the twigs and laid them out in a triangle shape.

I had to change the size a couple times. Initially the bottom rows of twigs were way too wide. So I broke off a couple inches so it was more shaped like a tree.

The twigs don’t stay hot glued together very well. So I glued a string of twine from the top to the bottom. It held it together perfect. After I was finished putting the tree together and getting it the shape I wanted to it was ready for the small details.


There were some small holes in between the twigs. I used this space to hot glue a string of twine. I put a total of 3 strings on each ornament. After that was finished I added a few embellished pearls I had. I literally use these pearls on EVERYTHING.




That’s it guys. They are so quick to make, but also adorable.

Thanks for stopping by friends!


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