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13 of the Best Flocked Christmas Trees That You Can Actually Afford.



So when do you start decorating for Christmas? Is it too early to decorate now? Do you wait until after Thanksgiving or Halloween? When is it time to put up the tree in your house? So many questions to think about… I start decorating in October because you know my favorite holiday is Christmas and I like to keep my Christmas decorations up as long as possible. So I’ve been wanting a flocked Christmas Tree for years now. And I decided it’s finally time to get one. With researching what one I wanted I decided to create a list of 13 of the best flocked Christmas Trees that are amazing quality and won’t break the bank!

So get yourself in that holiday mood and break out all the Christmas decorations it’s time! And I really hope you agree that it’s not too early to get into the holiday spirit. Because you know I am all about Christmas everything. Hallmark channel is starting to show Christmas movies and I am all about it. I keep my Christmas movies and Christmas music on all day in the background while I’m working. Because how could I not!

Tell me in the comments which flocked Christmas Tree is your favorite.

It’s so hard to decide. I love the look of flocked trees. They are gorgeous and bring the neutral look that I love.

If you want a real looking frosted Christmas Tree this year like I have been wanting forever than you NEED to keep reading!

You can click on each photo to see full details on where you can get it from.

There are so many different kinds of trees of snow flock, slim flocked Christmas Tree, or even a 9 ft flocked Christmas Tree. That’s why the options are endless when trying to pick out the perfect one.

I will give you the best flocked Christmas trees that I have found so you can pick out the right one.

If you enjoy making your own crafts and home decorations you need to check out one of my favorite blog posts 15 of the easiest DIY Christmas ornaments you need to make. Especially if you are in the market for a new flocked Christmas Tree you will want to make some of these fun DIY Christmas ornaments to hang on your Christmas Tree.

Where do you put your Christmas Tree in your home? Do you put it in your front window in the living room or the corner in your family room? Tell me in comments below where you display yours. Since moving into our new house on the farm I have been going back and forth where to put our Christmas Tree. And I have finally decided that I am going to put it up in our front living room window. We have a side window and front window and they are pretty close together but I think it will look better in the front of the house window.

Decorating the Christmas Tree is something that I look forward to every year. It’s really one of my favorite things to do. Christmas to me is so much more than just one day of the year. It’s an entire feeling that you get to have for days, weeks, or months as long as you want to. That is why I choose to put my tree up early. That is why I soak in Christmas time as long as possible. It’s a feeling that I love. It reminds me of all the happiness and good there is in the world.

And that is something that will never get old!

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Sawyer and I decorating the Christmas Tree. She was only 2 weeks old in this picture. It’s one I will always treasure and sharing my love for Christmas is something that I get to pass on to my kids.


In our home Christmas time is something that is so special and brings us closer together. We have so many different holiday traditions that we do every year and it means so much to us.

That is why I want to share my favorite flocked Christmas trees with you. The very best flocked Christmas trees. So you can find one you love and bring it into your home so you can have the joy that Christmas truly brings. It’s so much more than gifts and Santa. It’s about spending time with your loved ones and decorating a home that brings you happiness.

Keep scrolling so you can see snowy artificial christmas trees that you will adore!

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Aren’t all of these flocked Christmas Trees just so gorgeous. I adore them all. Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below.

I am going to be posting a ton of new Christmas blog posts for the next bit to share all my favorite Christmas DIY’s and holiday decor with you. So be sure to fill out the form below so you can be a part of my blog family and be the first to get all the blog updates before anyone else.

It means so much to me that you came to the blog today. I hope you found a flocked Christmas Tree that you loved. If you ended up getting one of these be sure to tag me in your photos. I love seeing your pictures of all your DIY craft projects and all the home decor you get from my recommendations.



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