15 Affordable Farmhouse Coffee Table White & Rustic Wood +5 decor tips

farmhouse coffee table white

Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table

When decorating your home you have to pick out furniture and decorations that really speak to you. Sometimes it takes me forever to actually decide on a new piece of furniture because I have to make sure it is something I really really love. But if I see something that I love right away you better believe I buy it right then. The worst thing is finding a decoration or throw pillow or even a new piece of furniture that you adore, not buying it. And going back a few days later to get it and it’s gone. Oh my gosh. I hate that! So I want to share with you my favorite AFFORDABLE farmhouse coffee table White and rustic design style. I’ll show you 15 of them! These are budget friendly and very unique looking.

Plus I want to show you exactly how to decorate a coffee table easily!

5 tips to help you create a pretty coffee table:


  • Use a tray to set up a focal point on your coffee table. I love using trays when decorating counter tops, or coffee tables. Because they give you a place to display smaller decorations.


  • When decorating a tray always use personal items like a small sign you like or picture frame. To add your own touch to it. Which looks good if you pair it with stacked books, and faux plants.


  • In my blog post How to easily decorate a farmhouse shelf I talk about designing with vignettes. Vignettes are small groupings of decorations that create a theme or tell a story. Vignettes are usually 3-5 items. I use this same rule when decorating a coffee table. I group things together in 3 or 5. An uneven number creates a focal point for your eye to look at.


  • Try to keep decor simple to have a clean and clutter free look.


  • Look for unique decorations that you won’t find again. A lot of times I buy these kind of decorations at thrift stores or garage sales.


If you remember the 5 decorating secrets you will always have a pretty coffee table! And never have to ask how to decorate a coffee table tray again.


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Keep scrolling so I can show you my favorite coffee tables that will keep you in your budget.

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farmhouse coffee table white
farmhouse coffee table white
farmhouse coffee table white
farmhouse coffee table white




farmhouse coffee table white
farmhouse coffee table white
farmhouse coffee table white


farmhouse coffee table white
farmhouse coffee table white
farmhouse coffee table white


Aren’t these fun coffee tables? There is a ton of different ones to choose from. It’s hard to pick a favorite.

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Huge selection of farmhouse coffee table round and rectangle


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  1. Do you know where the wire coffee table with the wood top with handles can be found? Thank you.
    Pat Anderson

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