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Bringing Light and Space into Your Home

We aren’t all blessed with big, bright and light-filled homes. And it’s not that a dark house is terrible, but you might want to add an extra bit of brightness. Here are some quick and easy tips to get you started. 

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When trying to make a space look brighter, the first thing people should consider is making the room as light as possible. Typically white will be the best for this. Of course if white is too dull for you, or you just don’t like white walls, then you might want to consider some pastel colors. White is, however, is a non-hue – which means it doesn’t absorb any other color. So a lot of white will remain bright and look and feel like a bigger space. 

You can also think about white fittings and furniture too. This will make it even impactful. 


Usually, you will only find lights on the ceiling. Everything that is out of reach of the light, like corners, for example, will remain darker. If you add some lighting to the walls, you will see that even with a lack of windows, the room will look bigger and brighter. If you have cabinets, then you might like to consider having lights inside of that too. Any additional light sources that you can bring to the room will aid you in your quest for a larger place. 

If you are looking to create a cosier look in the evenings and winter months, then a warm-toned bulb will be perfect. If you are looking only to have lighter space, then a ‘true white’ light bulb will really brighten up the room with ease. 


This is probably one of the first things people will think about when looking to add dimensions, brightness and create the illusion of space in a room. Custom glass mirrors will bring personality and uniqueness to the room too. Mirrors will bounce the light around, so if you place more than one on the walls, you will create even more of an exciting feature. 


Although white-coated metals and other painted woods can look fantastic, lighter-toned wood, referred to as blonde wood will make the room look light and give a natural feel too. 


If you have a dark carpeted floor, then you might find that swapping that out for some lighter wood, laminate or even white stone flooring will work wonders. It is easy to clean, and the bright tone of the floor will complement the white walls and blonde wood furniture. 


Storage is one of the critical elements to remove clutter and toys from around the room. Large wicker baskets or stackable chests are excellent at giving storage, looking great but they don’t take up too much room. 


Contrary to the other points above, adding the odd piece of black furniture will make the white or lighter colors really stand out in the room. If black is too dark for you, then consider darker charcoal greys or stone. It adds a great contrast. 

And finally, once you have lightened up the space and it looks fresh and bright, add some plants in. A great touch that makes it feel more homely. 

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