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Learn How to Make These Easy Pumpkin Crafts for Cheap.

Hi Friend. Thanks for stopping by the blog today. The weather has been a little chilly in Utah lately, and I’m all about it! It’s means Fall is here. I have been in Fall mode for the past few weeks. Even though it was pretty hot last week still. So if you have been following the blog for a while you probably have seen all the Fall and Halloween crafts I have been posting lately. I’ve been all about easy pumpkin crafts and spooky Halloween DIY’s.

My goal this year while creating new Fall and Halloween DIY’s was to create crafts that were budget friendly. A lot of the projects I have been working on I used items I already had around the house or that barely cost anything. These easy pumpkin crafts can be done in no time. You will be able to make your own farmhouse wood pumpkins to display anywhere in your home.

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Items your will need for this cute farmhouse pumpkin project:

You will need to cut your 2X4 into 6 inch pieces. I used 3 of them to bundle together.


I painted each wood piece Orange on the front, back, and all 4 sides.


It will take a little while to dry. I let it dry for about 30 minutes.


Once the entire wood piece was dry I put Cream paint over the top. I lightly brushed it over the Orange paint. But made sure you could still see spots of Orange peeking through.

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This is a technique I use to avoid sanding. You don’t always need to sand you can just lightly brush over with paint to create a weathered rustic look.


Same as before you will need to let the paint dry for about 30 minutes. Once the paint is dry you can hot glue the pumpkin stem.


I just used rope and cut it into 2 inch pieces.


I hot glued the rope onto the top of the wood block.


After the pumpkin was complete I bundled them all together using twine. And tied a bow on the front.


They are sitting on my mantel and look super cute.


I love how they still have the Halloween look but also add the farmhouse touch that I adore. It’s crazy what you can make that barely costs anything with items around the house. You just have to be creative and open to trying new things.

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