The BEST Farmhouse Fall Decor + 9 Tips How to Design a Neutral Home With Fall Accents.

farmhouse fall decor

Fall Interior Design – How to Decorate with a Rustic Design for Fall Time.

I love this time of year. The Fall time brings some of my favorite things. I love the weather, Fall activities, Fall home decor, and Halloween of course. This post I want to share the best Farmhouse Fall decor with you. And 9 tips to show you exactly how to design a neutral home with fall accents.

I will give you the very best decorations to design a beautiful home. Keep in mind I’m going to include links from tons of different companies. So you can click on them and shop around a little bit to get the very best price. That’s always my goal is giving you the best price when including my favorite decorations. 

A lot of times when decorating for Fall we only think to include orange, brown, and red. But the truth is neutral decor is so popular right now that it’s perfect to throw in some of these colors as accents but focus on a more neutral palette. 

Get ready I am going to share 9 tips to design your home with fall accents:

  • Tip #1 – Pick a few colors you love this time of year that you can choose to build your decor around. A color scheme is super important.


  • Tip #2 –  Your goal is creating a space that is cozy! In order to do that you can use throw pillows, throw blankets, pattern mixing, layers (mantel decorations, multiple throw pillows) I’ll include examples in my photos below.
  • Tip #3 – Use decorations that are unique. You can see orange pumpkins all day long but you won’t always see white, cream, neutral pumpkins. Some of my favorite fall pumpkins are THESE!


  • Tip #4 – Use blankets like crazy! During Fall I use one hanging over my couch, one hanging over my recliner, I also have a blanket bin that sits on my fireplace. Throw blankets are ALL over my house. It definitely brings that cozy vibe! You can see my favorite throw blankets HERE.


  • Tip #4 – I mentioned above blankets are the stamp of cozy decor. But you can’t forget to use throw pillows as well. You can use them in almost every room in your home. I have an entryway bench they are displayed, also my couch, my accent chairs, my master bed, mudroom bench. Everywhere! You can see my favorite Fall pillows HERE.


  • Tip #5 – Plaid is a go to pattern during Fall. A lot of people think of plaid during Christmas time. But you can use it for Fall decorations as well. I will include some of my favorites below. 




  • Tip #8 – This is a new design trend that is popular for Fall decorations is coral and navy decor used as accent pieces. Which I absolutely love. I see coral decorations used as Spring decor but it’s being kept out for Fall time. And navy is such a gorgeous color it’s fun to see it used a ton this year!


  • Tip #9 – Using Natural elements in your decorations is something you have to do. You will see all different kinds of wood decor for Fall. It brings an earthy touch and adds a lot of character.


So tell me which of these tips is your favorite one! 

Alright let’s get to some of my favorite decorations that you have to have for this time of year. Like I mentioned above you will see some similar decorations in this post.. they are from different companies so shop around to find the very best price!

Some of the links on my blog are affiliate links, meaning no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you purchase through the links. Thanks for supporting my dream!

You can click on each picture to see full details on every item in the photo!

Farmhouse fall decor
fall farmhouse home decor
farmhouse fall decor


These decorations are so gorgeous and dreamy. I absolutely love Fall time and farmhouse fall home decor!

Which decoration is your favorite tell me in the comments below!

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Fall Decorating for Cheap and Affordable Farmhouse Fall Decorations. 

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