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The Secret to Decorating Your Master Bedroom like Joanna Gaines.

fixer upper bedrooms

Photo Source : Magnolia

Master Bedroom Furniture

If you have been a HGTV Fixer Upper fan for a while you are probably in love with Joanna Gaines like I am. I am a huge fan of her and her decor. One day a dream would be to go to Magnolia Market in person but until then I will just shop all my favorite Jojo decorations from her Hearth & Hand decor line. In this blog post I have created a guide to show you exactly how to decorate like Joanna Gaines. You will adore these fixer upper bedrooms just like I do.

The photos I’ve included are pictures of homes that have been featured on Fixer Upper. They are gorgeous and the exact reason I love Joanna Gaines as a designer. She’s super creative and always comes up with new never before seen DIY’s and projects that are so unique.

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So while browsing all of the master bedrooms on the Magnolia Fixer Upper Blog there is an ongoing trend for the decorations and must haves that go into every bedroom Joanna decorates.

I am going to tell you exactly what those items are… And where you can find them. So you can look like a pro when decorating your bedroom!


You ready?

In EVERY SINGLE fixer upper master bedroom you will find… the following items.

1 – So first of all you’ll notice a big gorgeous headboard in every room. The bed is the main focal point in every room. So you’ll see she really makes sure your eye is drawn to a unique bed.

2 – Benches look great at the end of the bed. They are great for sitting to put your shoes on in the morning, but they also look gorgeous as a small piece of furniture in your room.

3 – Vintage antique books are Joanna’s go to decoration. She uses them in all her fixer upper bedrooms she designs. Vintage books are so gorgeous right now stacked up or turned backwards so you see the old pages of the books.

4 – Throw pillows are ALWAYS used on every bed. The pillows are usually laid out like a triangle. This is the most common way to display throw pillows. Layers are a good thing. You’ll notice she puts a throw blanket on the end of every bed.

5 – While decorating the wall over the bed Joanna uses an even number of decorations. You’ll notice that she has two identical shutters, two large vintage prints, four antique photo frames. This is something I saw over and over again with her decorating when it comes to designing above the bed.

6 – Faux plants, real plants, flowers, or some type of greenery is a must. I actually love the look of faux plants and the best part is you can’t kill them. I am the absolute worst at remembering to water my plants. So fake plants are my best friend when it comes to bringing color into my home.

7 – Joanna loves unique accent chairs. They are always put in the corner to make a fun reading nook. You can’t go wrong with a pretty chair to fill up some space in your room.

Keep scrolling so you can see all the master bedroom inspiration. And find a great master bedroom set that you love.

I included lookalike decorations and furniture from each master bedroom so you can decorate just like Joanna Gaines.

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fixer upper bedrooms

Photo Source : Magnolia


fixer upper bedrooms



fixer upper bedrooms

fixer upper bedrooms


fixer upper bedrooms



fixer upper bedrooms


fixer upper bedrooms


fixer upper bedrooms

fixer upper bedrooms


fixer upper bedrooms

fixer upper bedrooms

Aren’t these fixer upper bedrooms inspiring. You can really see that Joanna puts individual touch into each one of these bedrooms. Tell me which decoration is your favorite. I’m not a huge fan of a lot of color. But I really like those mustard throw pillows.

These items are must-haves if you want to create the perfect Master Bedroom you will never want to leave. Sign up below to get blog updates and design inspiration! I would love to have you in my blog family! 🙂


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Fixer Upper Bedrooms Ideas

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  1. Love it!
    I’m moving south to Savannah, Georgia. Since the house is going to be built I want to decorate it fresh with a whole new look. I don’t know why, but south makes me think of plantations and farms, so a farmhouse interior is the plan. I like the way Joanna uses neutral s like blacks and browns with just a little bit of color. I enjoy making quilts and can’t wait to display them.

  2. I love ur blog want to see more great ideas I live in texas been to the Games store in waco what a wow factor

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