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Make these Cheap & Easy DIY Halloween Potion Bottles.

Make these Easy DIY Halloween Potion Bottles from wine bottles.

Hey friend. Happy Fall. I hope your week is off to a good start. I’ve been working hard to bring you some of the best Halloween and Fall DIY’s out there. Summer is basically over. And it’s NOT too early to bring out the Fall decor. It’s been fun to work on all the new decorations I am displaying in my home this Fall season.

So this DIY craft is one that I didn’t even need to buy anything for. I already had all the items for laying around my craft room. And I loved making these DIY Halloween Potion Bottles so much. They were quick and easy.

So I’ll give you step by step instructions on how to make them to put in your home. You can display them anywhere you want. I have mine up on my mantel with my Halloween fireplace decor. And I think they look great up there.

This craft will only take a little bit to make and you won’t spend an arm and a leg on it.

Which is literally the best thing ever! I love affordable crafts! Don’t you?!

What is your favorite DIY Halloween craft you have made? Tell me in the comments below. I want to know! There are a ton a ideas for Halloween crafts in MY DECORATING MEMBERSHIP.

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Items you will need:

Let’s get down to business!


I had these bottles in my craft room just waiting to be used. I used two wine bottles and one vintage style glass bottle. You can get it HERE. I got it from Dollar Tree which is one of my favorite affordable stores to purchase DIY supplies.



I use this technique all the time to create texture on items. It’s super easy. You will rip paper towel pieces up and mod podge them on your bottle. This creates a really cool effect when it dries.


They will take some time to dry. I let the 3 bottles dry over night. To make sure they were ready to paint.


Once the mod podge textured paper towel layer was dry I painted the bottles black. I used black acrylic paint.


It will take at least 2 layers of acrylic paint to cover the bottles completely.


Once the bottles were painted and dry. I wrapped twine a few times around the top of the bottle.


These cute skulls were plastic rings that I cut off the ring part and hot glued them on the end of the twine.

You’ll need labels soooo fill out the link below.

Next, you will need to mod podge the FREE POTION LABELS on the bottles you will get them sent right to your inbox by filling your info below.


Here they are guys! Aren’t they so fun? I absolutely love the way they turned out. I think they are spooky  and super cute! Is that possible? Lol


How did you like this easy DIY craft? It’s one of my favorite DIY Halloween crafts. I love cheap DIY’s. Don’t you?

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