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This how to make the Cutest Craft Moss Easter Eggs.

Easy Easter egg craft to make.

If you are looking for the best craft store or dollar store diy Easter project this is it! You will love these cute moss Easter Eggs.

Heyyy friends. I hope you have had an amazing week. It’s been a great week over here. We have been super busy. Tyson painted our bedroom, and refinished our headboard. It was so ugly before a cherry wood, so I painted it White and put reclaimed wood on the headboard. Can’t wait to show you a bedroom update soon.

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In the meantime let’s talk about Spring. I have been crafting like a crazy person over here. I have been doing all the things Easter and Spring!

There are always so many fun Dollar Store DIY crafts on Pinterest for Spring. Browsing inspired me to make a few affordable crafts to display around the house for Easter and Spring. This Moss Easter Egg project took less than 5 minutes and only cost a couple dollars.

I love affordable crafts! Who doesn’t though. Right?!

So let’s get down to business. I will show you how to make this fun craft store and dollar store diy Easter craft.

Drive on over to the nearest Dollar Tree and grab a bag of green moss, and plastic Easter Eggs. Or if you would prefer you can just order these items on Amazon.

Items needed for this project:

This Dollar Tree Easter craft is so easy it will only take 5 minutes to make!

So I just got a small bag of mini plastic eggs. You can get regular size or mini. But once the moss is on them, they will look a lot bigger.


Moss is super messy. Make sure you have a paper or piece of cardboard underneath. It’s easiest to use when you ripe it apart into small pieces.


I hot glued right onto the egg, and placed the moss on top. You will want to do this all around the whole egg. Once the entire egg was covered with moss I squoze the egg to make it look a little tighter. And not have the moss look so puffy.


I put these Moss Easter Eggs on a tray in my entryway. They look super cute. And what a great Spring DIY project for only a few dollars.

See how easy this Easter craft was. If you love greenery like I do this is the perfect Spring DIY home decor project for you. My home is mostly neutral so I love to throw some color into my decor this time of year.

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