10 Affordable Rustic Christmas Stockings to Add to Your Farmhouse Christmas Home Decor.

Hey friend. Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I have been so busy trying to get as much work done on the blog before the baby comes. I can’t believe she will be here in two and a half weeks. It’s crazy to me. I have been getting in the Christmas mode lately. And no I don’t think it’s too soon! I have been seeing Christmas trees up all over my Facebook feed. And I love it! So I am going to share some of my favorite rustic Christmas stockings with you.

Because it’s never too early to get your Christmas decorations up. Ya know I am the Christmas queen!

So tell me which rustic Christmas stockings are your favorite!

You can click on the photo or the buy now button to see full details on where each item is from.

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Which one of these rustic Christmas stockings do you like the best? I for sure love the last two the most. I think the neutral look of them is perfect. If you have followed me for a while you know I love neutral and white decor. So these stockings are definitely something I will be purchasing for my own home this year.

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