The Cheapest Rustic Christmas Decorations + 7 HACKS For Christmas Decorating Affordably.

Creating a warm cozy rustic design style this holiday season.

Hi friend. Thanks for stopping by the blog today. It means so much that you are here. We are almost half way through October which means Winter will be here before we know it. I love this time of year. The activities that are going on for the next couple months are my favorite.  Holidays are so much fun. I want to share the cheapest rustic Christmas Decorations + 7 decorating hacks you need to use this holiday season.

I pour my heart into decorating my home. It’s my safe place and I love creating a space I enjoy looking at. Interior Design is something I am so passionate about.

And anyone that knows me knows how much I love Christmas so decorating during this time of year is literally my favorite thing ever.

I’ll share my top hacks and tips to create a rustic cozy home during this holiday season. + give you some of my favorite rustic decorations that you will absolutely adore.

Decorating Tips you need to use this Christmas for a rustic cozy home:


  • Burlap anything is in style. It brings a gorgeous look to your home. Ideas for burlap this Christmas – Burlap ribbon wrapped around the tree, burlap place mats, burlap table runners, burlap ornaments.


  • Buffalo plaid has been popular for quite some time and it still is! It’s a gorgeous Winter pattern that brings cabin vibe to your home.


  • Tree trunks or reclaimed wood is amazing for decor. I have used small stumps of tree by my fireplace as a decoration or tiny ones to hold candles on.


  • Pinecones are such an affordable way to decorate this Winter season. I always go in my backyard and fill up a small bag with them. You can use pinecones in a centerpiece bowl on your coffee table or kitchen table. I also fill up a large clear glass jar with pinecones to put on the entryway table.


  • Flocked trees, flocked wreaths, and flocked table trees are so popular this year. So get one to add to your rustic Christmas living room. If you want to see some of my favorite flocked trees you can HERE.


  • Unique stockings can be a statement piece for your fireplace and mantel. So you want to make sure you have stockings that bring the kind of style you are aiming for. I love knitted, burlap, and cowhide stockings. If you want to see some of my favorite stockings you can HERE.


  • You can never go wrong with greenery and garlands. You can use it on your coffee table, kitchen table, mantel, countertops.


If you do these 7 Christmas design tips you will have the gorgeous rustic holiday home you are wanting!

Keep scrolling while I share my favorite rustic Christmas decorations that you can get affordable they barely cost anything!

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Learn the best tips to decorate affordably this Christmas season.

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