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Learn How To Make a Farmhouse DIY Wood Bead Garland.

A couple quick steps to make this farmhouse garland.

Learn how to make this adorable DIY Wood Bead Garland.

Helloooo friends. Happy Monday. I hope you had an awesome weekend. I have working on redecorating the house because of our renovation. Which you definitely know if you have been following the blog or if you follow me on Instagram. I shared some updated projects with you of our home. It’s been quite the adventure so far. I never thought I would completely renovate a home. Have you ever renovated a home? Or done any major updates? Tell me about it in the comments below. Because I love hearing what you are working on!

So I absolutely love Farmhouse DIY projects. My style is Modern Farmhouse with a touch of french country. And you know… I love wood and white accents.

I would decorate my entire home white if I could! Because I just love the neutral clean look it brings!

Truthfully, If you adore that style as well you will love making this DIY Wood Bead Garland! 

As well as projects that are budget friendly. Because I absolutely love crafts that are affordable and cute. Also, I loved making my DIY Windmill project. You can see that post below.

Take a look around the blog after you read this blog post. I promise you will find some DIY projects you will love!

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I have linked the exact beads I used to make this DIY Wood Bead Garland! Both items can be purchased on Amazon.

Items you will need for this project:

It’s such an easy project and you will barely spend anything to make this adorable DIY Garland.

I bought the larger Wood Bead set. Because it came with 3 different sizes of beads. There were 100 beads included in each size. The package came with enough beads to make a few different DIY Wood Bead Garlands.

So if you plan to make a few of these DIY Wood Bead Garlands, then you will want to get this package of wood beads. And trust me you will want to make a few of them! 🙂




I hot glued the tip of the twine. So that it was easier to pull through the bead.


There was a pattern I used for my DIY Wood Bead Garland. I put 3 large beads together than a smaller one after. I liked the way it looked with a little bit of diversity in size.


You will have to measure how long you want the DIY Wood Bead Garland to be. Because that depends on how many wood beads you will string on your DIY Wood Bead Garland. 

Of course I made multiple Garlands. And they were different lengths because I used them as decor in different places in my home.

After I was done stringing on the wood beads I tied a knot in the end.


Then you will want to wrap the twine around your hand about 10 times. It could possibly be more or less. It depends on how full you want your tassel.


It’s super easy to make the tassel. I cut the ends and attached it to the end of the DIY Wood Bead Garland.


Like I mentioned before, I made multiple DIY Wood Bead Garlands. And I displayed them all over my home. You can see them below.

Because these DIY Wood Bead Garlands are so quick and easy you will want to make a few.



Seriously look how cute these turned out! I love the way they looked wrapped around the white pitcher and glass vase. This DIY Wood Bead Garland will become a favorite DIY Farmhouse project of yours. Because it’s definitely one of mine! Who knew that these adorable garlands would add so much character to a decor spot.


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