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Learn How to Make a Farmhouse DIY Scroll Sign Wall Hanging For Only $3.

Make this scroll sign for the cutest dollar tree crafts.

Do you want to learn how to make a DIY Scroll Sign? This cutie only cost $3 to make!

Happy Friday friends! I hope you had an awesome Valentine’s Day. Tyson and I went to the RV show yesterday. We go every year. We have been dying to buy a trailer for years. But haven’t been able to decide on one. But we finally drilled down on one. I absolutely love cooking. And the one I fell in love with had an outdoor kitchen attached to the side. I died!! Seriously I loved that feature. Because that would just be so much fun. We spend a lot of our time outside whenever camping around the campfire. So cooking outside with everyone would be the best!

So don’t be surprised in the future when I show you decor photos of our new trailer. Because I just have to own that thing! Especially because camping in one of our families favorite summer activities.

I have redecorating the house lately because of the renovation. You know that if you have been following the blog or following me on Instagram.


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I have been dying to make one of these DIY Scroll Signs forever. They are absolutely adorable and so easy to make! DIY Scroll Signs look so cute above your mantel or as a focal point on your wall. I can’t even tell you how many different ways you can display them!

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Items you will need for this project:

So this DIY Scroll Sign didn’t take me very long. And you can get it done in a few short minutes. So if you don’t have a lot of time to make crafts and DIY home decor projects no big deal… Because this DIY Scroll Sign can be made in no time.

This craft paper can be used for so many projects and there’s a ton on the roll.

So you will want to measure the location you are hanging it up at. And leave an extra foot on each end. Because you will be rolling it a couple times to create the scroll.
I rolled it once and hot glued it, then rolled it again and hot glued it into place.
I used my cricut machine to cut out the quote I wanted on my DIY scroll sign. But if you don’t have a cricut machine I’ve attached a cute stencil that I love.

If you are using vinyl it makes it so much easier.

The font I used for this DIY Scroll Sign is Magonlia Sky.
Then added some greenery at the bottom. I hot glued the stems inside the roll so that they were pointing upwards.
I attached twine to the top of the DIY Scroll Sign. And hung it above my fireplace. I loved the way it turned out.
Here’s my living room. I hope you loved this DIY Scroll Sign post. Because I enjoyed making it. I think I might make another one for my bedroom. Let know if you make one. I would love to see it. Tag me on Instagram.


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