Learn How to Make the Easiest DIY No-Sew Farmhouse Pillow in less than 5 Minutes.

Learn how to make this easy no-sew Farmhouse dish towel pillow. You will be able to make it with a hot glue gun in less than 5 minutes. DIY Farmhouse home decor are a favorite craft of mine.
Learn how to easy makeover furniture in 3 easy steps. You can make furniture look antique and vintage without any sanding.


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So let’s get down to business!

While it may be true, tell me I’m the only crafter who can’t sew? I can not for the life of me sew no matter how hard I try. With so many failed attempts I have tried and triend and it NEVER works out. Which is fine y’all. Haha I will be that person that lives, breathes, bleeds crafting that can’t sew. It’s fine!! 😉

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I saw some adorable DIY place mat pillows the other day on Pinterest. Obviously, I loved them. As a result I decided to use dish towels for my no-sew project. So when I found these cute farmhouse red and blue striped dish towels I knew they would be perfect. Truth be told, I think that the dish towel pillow idea was a lot cuter.

So when I made the easiest no-sew farmhouse dish towel pillow it turned out so cute and only took a few minutes to make! Of course I think a hot glue gun is a girls best friend. Do you agree YES or YES? Or at least it’s my best friend!!

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Items you will need to make your own Farmhouse Dish Towel Pillow:



First to start I folded over the edges and glued the entire edge of the towel so you couldn’t see the hem.




Once I got rid of all the showing hems I hot glued the edges of both towels together to create a pillow case.


I left one side of the pillow case open for the Polyester Fiber Pillow Fill.


Almost all the way to the top.


Once it was completely filled I glued the last side closed and it was ready to be displayed in my home.









This was seriously the easiest project and took 5 minutes. I love the way it turned out! Don’t you!? What’s your favorite DIY Farmhouse Home Decor Project? Tell me on Instagram!

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