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This is the One Item That Will Make Your House Completely Unique… Beautiful Wallpaper!

Gorgeous Wallpaper Ideas.

I have been a fan of beautiful wallpaper all my life. If you have been too this post is perfect for you!

Hi Friends!! So this blog post is one that I am going to give you information about something we don’t think about too often. It’s about something that doesn’t really cross our minds when decorating!

Beautiful wallpaper isn’t something that we think about immediately when we are thinking about designing a farmhouse country home.

Accent walls is something that I adore. I love pallet walls, reclaimed wood walls, shiplap, german smear brick walls. I mean honestly the options are endless for what you can do to make your home standout. But when you think of an accent wall wallpaper doesn’t always pop right up. But it should!

Growing up crazy out there wallpaper was so popular. I remember going over to my grandma’s when I was a kid and every single room had a different style of wallpaper. It was loud, bold, and often super colorful.

Which isn’t totally my style. I love small pops of color. But huge bright statements isn’t my thing. You may love bold design styles! And that’s totally fine. We all have our own unique styles. 🙂

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So I want to share some of my favorite beautiful wallpaper styles. This is the one design item that will make your home completely unique and stand out.

Some of the links on my blog are affiliate links, meaning no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you purchase through the links. Thanks for supporting my dream!

You will see a variety of styles for these beautiful wallpapers. I have included multiple different kinds so you can see and understand how much impact an accent wall with wallpaper can bring.

These rooms are completely gorgeous! And something that will make a statement in your home. You will love these beautiful wallpaper styles and I can’t wait to share my favorites with you.

You can click on each photo if you want to know where to purchase each one.

These laundry rooms are stunning and the wallpaper adds so much character.

This faux German Smear stone wallpaper is everything! I can’t get enough of it. And wouldn’t be mad using it in multiple rooms.

I love the clean lines on this white and gray wallpaper.

The pattern design on this white wallpaper is one of a kind.

This faux brick is something that is an easy shortcut to do if you want an authentic looking brick wall with the hard work.

Which beautiful wallpaper design in your favorite so far?

These two wallpapers have the same pattern but just changing the color brings a dramatic change. And I love both colors!

The white and black wallpaper is probably a top favorite of mine. It’s so simple but makes such a statement. It could go in any room really.

This lookalike white textured tile wallpaper is gorgeous. It is so unique! And I can’t get enough of it.

I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me in the comments which one is your favorite.

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