Ikea Plant Makeover

I love the look of plants around the house. I seriously can’t get enough of them. My problem is trying to keep them alive! I always seem to forget to water them for days or weeks! Tell me I’m not the only one who does that! I’d never forget to feed my husband or my dogs, but plants just are a different story. LOL.

I fixed that problem by getting artificial plants and it totally works for me. I love the way they look and constantly rearrange them around the house. I have purchased a few different kinds from IKEA and you should too. Whenever I think of IKEA I think of Modern furniture that takes my husband hours to put together.

I was always so hesitant about fake plants because they look so well, fake. But who know IKEA offered such adorable plants, and greenery?! They come in a black pot which I didn’t really like the look of so I painted them white using acrylic paint. I have a few that are displayed in my rustic farm holder, a metal pot and some that are on my fireplace or shelves in the white pot.

It makes such a difference having these cute plants around the house. It just brightens up the entire room.

Well friends thanks for stopping by. I wanted to make this post short and sweet to give you information on where I get fake, affordable, pretty plants.

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