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20 Affordable Gorgeous Spring Wreaths and Garlands that you need for your front door!

DIY Spring Wreath Ideas.


So do you want to learn exactly how to make Affordable Spring Wreaths and Garlands? I guarantee you will be in the mood for warm weather and sunny days after reading this post. You can make or buy spring wreaths on sale. Because if you’re like me you love anything DIY spring!

It’s the last day of February which means it’s almost Spring! And I can not tell you how ready I am for Spring. It has been a cold and snowy Winter here in Utah. So I’m counting down the days until it’s warmer weather. In fact, I brought out my Spring decor the day after Valentine’s Day. To be honest I was hoping it would bring good luck for warm weather. LOL. 🙂


What are your favorite spring activities? Because I need some new ideas. I want to hear them below. Leave me a comment. And tell me what you love doing this time of year! Tyson is a huge hiker. So we try to get out hiking a handful of times a year. We also go camping all the time. If it was up to Tyson we would be camping every single weekend. But I also love the outdoors. So it really doesn’t bother me going out often. 🙂

Without further to do… Let’s get down to business!

So keep reading to get inspired by these beautiful front door wreaths. For example the stunning wreaths that are included in this post are a twig wreath, a preserved boxwood wreath, tulip wreaths, peony wreaths. Whatever kind of front door wreaths are your style you will find it here. I promise. Because this list of spring wreaths is one of the best I’ve seen and will be sure to inspire you to make all the spring wreaths and garlands or buy spring wreaths on sale.

Equally as important as beautiful home decor is keeping in your budget. So that’s why these wreaths and garlands are gorgeous and affordable!

Some of the links on my blog are affiliate links, meaning no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you purchase through the links. Thanks for supporting my dream!


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Finally please grab a cup of coffee, sit back. And enjoy!

Because you will want to soak in all of the spring wreaths! They are to die for! And I want every single one of them!!!

Hydrangea Wreath


Chevron Floral Wreath


Pink Tulip Wreath


Lemon Wreath


Peony Wreath

Tulip Burlap Wreath


Light Pink Tulip Wreath


Spring Hoop Wreath
White Peony Wreath


Light Pink Peony Wreath


Purple Tulip Wreath

Blue Tulip Wreath


Greenery Hoop Wreath


Burlap Spring Wreath


Peony Hoop Wreath


Lavender Wreath


Pink Wreath


Pink Rose Wreath


Pink and Purple Wreath


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