7 Stylish And Unique Christmas Tree Skirt Ideas.


Hi friend. Are you wondering if Christmas Tree Skirts are still popular or even necessary anymore? I will answer these questions and more in this blog post. It’s Fall time which means that Christmas will be here before you know it. I love the holiday season and love sharing all my favorite Christmas crafts with you and sharing the latest Christmas trends for the year.

So in this blog post I will share with you about Christmas Tree Skirt Ideas and let you know why you should still use one.

Christmas time is my favorite time of year. If you want to see some of the most popular Christmas Blog Posts you can see them below.

A lot of time I wonder if having a tree skirt is a need because it will soon get covered up by all the wrapped presents under the tree. If you are like me you start wrapping gifts early and get all prepped for Christmas way before it’s time. But one thing that’s still super important to me is having an esthetically beautiful Christmas Tree.

Because I decorate a different themed Christmas tree every year I love collecting different styles of tree skirts. It’s crazy all the different styles there are. So you will be sure to find one that you absolutely love. Whether that’s the latest design trend or one the is super unique that makes your tree stand out. I have found my favorite ones and I will include them for you to see and pick which one you like the most. Tell me in the comments below which one you love.

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You need to have all the must haves that go along with Christmas tree decorations.

If you aren’t sure what the must have list is for a pretty Christmas tree you can see them below:

Plus the decorations that go along with a Christmas tree are listed below:

If you make sure you have all of these items when decorating your home for Christmas this year you can’t go wrong.

I want to share with you why Christmas tree skirts are necessary. A skirt will cover the tree stand which no one wants to see the bottom. A stand a lot of times will be made of plastic or metal and it isn’t supposed to be pretty looking. So when we cover it with a tree skirt it makes the bottom of your Christmas tree look gorgeous.

But a tree skirt isn’t just for looks. It also protects your floor from pine needles that fall on your floor.

If you want to know what size of Christmas Tree skirt you should get that depends on what size your tree is.

Since the average Christmas tree is 6 feet tall the perfect tree skirt size is 42″-48″ for that size. You can always look into larger Christmas tree skirts if you have a taller tree.

Although when you have a tall tree the most popular skirt size is 72″ skirt.

You always have to keep in mind what type of Christmas tree you are going to get based on the height of your ceilings and how large of an area you have in your home to display your tree.

Sometimes people have used a blanket as a tree skirt which is okay if you go that route but I would definitely recommend looking for a tree skirt that you love. One that goes with the decorations on your tree and the color theme you have picked.

If you have a smaller Christmas tree you can always find a mini tree skirt. Those are really popular right now.

I put a small Christmas tree in my daughters room so having a mini tree skirt around her own tree looks adorable and something I will always do.

I want to share my favorites with you so you can pick out the perfect Christmas skirt.

A tip I want to share when picking out the perfect Christmas tree skirt is find one that matching your decorations you are using.

Popular skirts this year are faux fur Christmas tree skirt, crochet tree skirt, farmhouse tree skirt, burlap tree skirt, and white Christmas tree skirt.

You see examples below of each one. You can click on them to see all the details.

Faux Fur Skirts


Crochet Tree Skirt



Farmhouse Tree Skirt



Burlap Tree Skirt



White Christmas Tree Skirt


Tell me which one of these tree skirts are your favorite one? They are all pretty unique and different from the usual red and green ones that I see all the time. I enjoy finding unique Christmas decorations when I decorate my home.

So I definitely think that tree skirts are a necessary part of Christmas tree decorations. They are there to look pretty and protect the floor from pine needles. So when you are wondering if you should get a tree skirt the answer is yes for sure.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. It mean so much to me that you came. If you have any questions about decorating as always shoot me an email I would love to answer any questions you have.

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