Is It Too Early To Decorate For Fall?


Is it too early to decorate for Fall? I get this question all the time! When is it okay to decorate for the new season… I will answer those questions for you and more!

Everyone that follows me knows I love decorating for holidays and Fall/Winter time. So I am usually one that jumps the gun during Summer and puts up my decorations early.

So do you wonder about when is it acceptable to take out your pumpkins as well as all things orange and brown?

It’s funny that you can still be wearing a tank top and shorts because it’s still hot outside but ready to start drinking pumpkin spice everything!

I feel like in the design world we tend to decorate earlier than most for seasons because we photograph and share the new trends for that year. So I pull out my Fall decorations the beginning of August although it’s technically still Summer.

We live in Wyoming so Fall weather comes earlier here than other states. It gets chilly at night and you can wear a hoodie all year round.

That makes it easier to get in the Fall decorating mood. 🙂

Tell me in the comments when you decorate for Fall. Because I would love to hear when you are totally checked out of Summer and ready for hot chocolate, spooky movies, and pumpkin spice everything.

It seems to be different for a lot of people. I know it’s pretty common to pull out those Fall decorations the first part of September and put them away a month later. Then October comes the Halloween decorations. I usually like to keep my Fall decor out for 2 months. A lot of my decor I can keep out but combine my Halloween decorations with it.

I say it time and time again the most important part about decorating is making sure you are true to yourself. You are using decorations you truly love. It’s better to decorate your home the way you want than it is to be trendy.

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Thanks for stopping by today friend. It means the world that you came!

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  1. I start decorating for the Fall on Sept. 1st. It’s usually over 100 degrees and yes, I’m in shorts and a tank top, but in my heart, it’s Fall. I’m an East Coast girl living in California and I miss the seasons terribly.

    I don’t do Halloween at all, so I decorate in Sept. and leave it up until Thanksgiving. When I decorate one of my 10 Christmas Trees.

  2. When to decorate for the fall season is the question I pose to myself year after year. Immediately after Labor Day somehow always feels too early. Some years I’ve waited until the first official day of fall, even though the temperature remains in the mid to high 80s. Three years ago, I waited until the first week of October and felt like I’d missed fall and Christmas was right around the corner. I’m curious if your readers have set days when the fall decor comes out no matter what.

  3. If the first day of Fall is on a weekend, that is when I decorate. (Like it was this year.) If it falls on a week day, I decorate the weekend before or after. Happy Fall Y’all!

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