25 Genius Ways To Look Professional Decorating A Mantel For Spring.

Decorating a mantel for spring the quick and affordable way!

If you are looking for the very best ideas for decorating a mantel for Spring look no further. I have created a step by step guide to help you design a stunning spring mantel garland and find the best Spring mantel decor.

I love Spring time this season is one of my favorites to decorate for. Bringing out all the colorful decor is the best. You can never have too many pastel decorations for Spring time. Pastel and bright color decorations are perfect for Easter mantel decor.

If you aren’t a huge fan of color decor that’s totally fine a lot of people aren’t. If that is the case a lot of people decorate using whites, tans, creams, and throw in some light shads of blue, green, orange, and yellow.

If you love ALL the color you can use this color guide shown below.


Follow the easy steps listed for Decorating a mantel for Spring. I’ll share my favorite Spring Mantel Ideas.

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Anything that is bolded you can always click on to see an example of what I am talking about. I have linked everything so you can decorate your Spring mantel affordably and as easy as possible. The last thing I want is for you to read something but then not know what decoration I am talking about. Because trends are constantly changing.

  • You will need a cute Spring Mantel Garland – I’ll include my favorites below. You have so many different options including Easter egg garland, a Spring floral garland, Easter Bunny garland, a pastel pom pom garland, Eucalyptus garland, colorful felt garland, carrot garland. Like I said the options are really limitless.
  • Next you will need a spring sign to hang up above your fireplace. I will share some cute ones below. My favorite ones are floral ones. It’s super popular right now to have spring sayings or quotes on your signs. The one I am seeing the most this year is “HELLO SPRING” signs. Which is an adorable little welcoming.
  • Of course you will need wood decorations. I am seeing a ton of wood Easter eggs, wood Easter bunnies, or wood chicks.
  • Now this one is a little extra that makes your Spring fireplace decor a bit unique… is a pretty glass Spring statue or figure. When looking into this one I found a ton of gorgeous glass flowers. Something I normally wouldn’t think of decorating with but this time of year is perfect for that! And the coolest part is most of these cute glass flowers are handmade so they are one of a kind.
  • Now you can always decorate using a Spring Wreath. I wrote an entire blog post dedicated to all my favorite spring wreaths. A lot of them are colorful and floral and can be used indoor or outdoor. But you can always hang a wreath right above your mantel and fireplace.
  • Another popular decorating trend this Spring is layering Spring mantel garlands. It’s such a cute look to use 2-3 Spring garlands and hang them on your Spring fireplace creating fun Spring fireplace mantel fun. I’ll share some examples of this below so you can see exactly what I am talking about. Or you can CLICK HERE.
  • I absolutely love decorations that are multi purpose. Let me explain further. Decorations that can be displayed a tiered tray, on a rustic shelf, or a Spring fireplace mantel. Small decorations usually service this purpose. Items that are the size of your hand or smaller. If you want to see good examples of this you can read my blog post above decorating a tiered tray the easy way. This year these kind of decorations are stuffed fabric decorations. Examples of this are stuffed fabric carrots, stuffed bunnies, stuffed flowers.
  • Another really adorable decoration that can be used in multiple places in your home is a rustic box with mason jars or flowers in it. The most common place you have seen this decoration is the centerpiece of a dining table or coffee table. But it looks so cute as a focal point on your fireplace for Spring mantel ideas.

So as long as you follow the decorating tips you will be able to have the best Spring mantel and get tons of inspiration for decorating mantels for Spring.

One decorating hack I want to make sure I mention is always creating a focal point. Make you have something on display that your eyes are drawn to automatically. This usually means it’s a larger item that brings everything else together. The decorations I mentioned above that will be your spring mantel focal point are a Spring sign, a Spring floral wreath, or a rustic box filled with mason jars.

Ok so I mentioned above if you don’t love all the loud colors for Spring and you are looking to do something a bit more neutral for Spring I got you. I made a color guide below that you can use to decorate your home this Spring. I will also share some neutral Spring decorations that are adorable.

Because sometimes we just need the neutral farmhouse look not always bold colorful decor.

So the most common farmhouse color is white. Color combinations that go with white right now are plaid black and white, white and cream, white and robin egg blue, white and light pink. Those are the colors that I am loving right now that give you a bit of Spring feel but the neutral farmhouse design that is so popular and isn’t going away anytime soon.


You can click on each photo to see the full details of each item. I only share my favorite decorations that I absolutely love! Ones that I know you will love as well. Ok let’s get down to business so you can see my favorite decorations to create the perfect Spring mantel decor.

First here are some of my favorite Spring signs are so dang cute to hang up right now above your fireplace.



Which spring sign is your favorite?

Next I will share my favorite Spring mantel garlands.



These garlands are so different it’s hard to choose which one I like the most. Each one gives you a completely different look for your Spring fireplace mantel.

Okay now I want to show you the wood statues and stuffed fabric I was mentioning above. These decorations are just the cutest.



How freakin adorable are these Spring and Easter mantel decorations?! You can create the cutest spring mantel so easily this year. And I know that we are love decorating our house the quick and easy way!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. It means so much to me that you are here. If you want to see some of my other blog posts that are related to Spring decor you can see them below.


Spring mantel garland and Mantel decorating ideas for Spring

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