13 Brilliant Ways To Decorate Using Lavender Stem.

Learn how to use lavender stem as a dining room table centerpiece.

Long gone are the days that we only decorate using cotton stems. Don’t get me wrong I will always love the look of cotton stems. But they aren’t the only popular thing to put in your vase or pot anymore. Using lavender stem when decorating is something that I absolutely love seeing this Spring.

I made a lavender hoop wreath which was such a fun project that I loved displaying in my house hanging on the wall. It was such a cute way to bring greenery and pops of color into my house.

If you want to have a unique way to decorate this Spring definitely use lavender stems because they are just adorable right now.

Let me tell you a little about lavender… It can improve sleep, help with asthma symptoms – which I have, it can also help with pain you may have, and lastly it can help with anxiety. I am not a medical expert by any means do your own research. But if you are using fresh lavender definitely keep doing that! You can always keep it to use as decor in your home which isn’t something people always think about.

Whether you are going to use faux lavender stems, or dried lavender stems you will adore these decorating ideas.

Now you’ll never forget that lavender can be used as a decoration with all the amazing ideas I am going to share.

Have you ever wondered how to display dried lavender?

Because the only way we automatically think about it is hanging it upside down from a shelf. Which is a cute way to display dried lavender but not the only thing we can do to decorate. And I’ll share tons more ideas below.

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I hope you got some good information from these decorating DIY ideas. You just have been creative when decorating so you don’t have a home that’s the same as everyone else’s. It’s always fun to be unique when decorating your house.

Next I’ll share some of my favorite photos of artificial lavender stems and real lavender stalks.

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lavender stems



Definitely break out that lavender this Spring. It’s one of my favorite decorations to bring in a bright shade of purple that I love. This gorgeous color can go in any room of your home. We usually don’t use this shade of purple to decorate with a lot and most of the time we don’t have walls this color. So this purple is perfect to go with neutrals or your other room designs you have. It just brings a happy warm feeling as an accent color.

There are so many different ways to decorate with lavender buds and lavender stocks you just have to be creative. You can decorate with them inside in every room of your house or outside on your patio or porch. You may even have a glass vase or mason jar just laying around that house that can be used.

Lavender bundles are such a quick centerpiece to throw on the table when you have company coming over or if a friend shows up unexpectedly just throw that lavender centerpiece on your coffee table. So it can be admired while sharing a conversation with your guest.

Which look do you like better faux lavender stems or dried lavender stems?

They both look pretty different to me depending on what look you are going for. Plus with dried lavender you have to be so careful with it and make sure you design gently with it. Or else you are going to end up with dried pieces of lavender all over your home. It will be broken and won’t be able to be used.

I love seeing photos of your home when decorating and using my blog posts as inspiration. So if you decorate your home this Spring with lavender stems be sure to tag me so I can see them.

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Decorating for Spring with lavender bundles as centerpieces.

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