This is the Best Paint for DIY farmhouse wood signs!



Hey guys! I hope you are having a great week and had an amazing Easter with your family. Mine could not have been any better! Tyson and I went out camping for the first time of the season. The weather was perfect!

This time of the year I am always so busy painting signs and getting ready for all my craft shows for the year. So it was nice to get a quick break! I have been painting signs like a crazy person. It’s so much fun prepping and getting ready because I absolutely love having a booth at home decor shows! It is the best way to connect with people face to face and I always meet such great people when I am a vendor!

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I wanted share one of my favorite types of paint with you. Because I paint home decor, wood signs, and trays ALL the time I have tried so many different kinds of paint. I found one that I use on almost all of my wood signs and it goes on so smooth and evenly. I have DecoArt White Acrylic Paint and I literally use it on EVERYTHING! They have so many different colors though. Which is nice. If you are a sign maker, because I know there are a lot of us! 🙂 You will love this paint.




I use my DIY chalk paint for furniture a lot. But when I have small decor or a wood sign this is the best paint to use. I have so many projects I have used it for. You can see one of my recent favorite DIY projects where I used this paint on my Vintage Shabby Chic Books here.




So if you are looking for a great paint that has full coverage won’t cost you an arm and a leg I promise you won’t be disappointed. You have to try DecoArt Acrylic Paint.   It is amazing! Let me know what your favorite paints you use on your projects.


Like I said this time of year is crazy busy for me painting signs 24.7 having a good coverage paint makes all the difference in the world! 🙂











This is not a sponsored post I just love this paint! 🙂



Well friends thanks for stopping by today. If you want to see my latest blog post on where to find Farmhouse pillows for cheap you can read it here!


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