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How to Decorate a Living Room that is clutter free using this one step.

How to decorate a small living room the easy way.

I love a well decorated family room or living room. The living room is the room in the house that my family spends the most time in. So I want to share with you my favorite ways on how to decorate a living room.

I want to tell exactly how you can create a clutter free home with decorations by doing this one step!

In another blog post of mine about 7 affordable design tips & living room ideas on a budget I share some great options to help you uplevel your living room.

But this post will be a little bit different. I want to focus more on the decoration side of things. There are so many aspects of design you need to think about when it comes to decorating.

The most important part of decorating your home is doing so with decorations that you love. I have found some amazing decorations at a great price. They have a character and will add a unique touch to your home.

Whether you want to keep your living room a place to hangout in or more of a formal space that plays an interior design role instead..

This blog post will give you a ton of ideas for living room wall decor and living room decor for your coffee table and shelves.

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When decorating your living room keep in mind you can use decorations that also help minimize clutter. For example I use decor trays and design shelves to help clean up my home but also add an appealing look.

The main thing I love teaching my clients while decorating is that you can do this affordably. You can save money decorating and have a beautiful home. You just have to focus on the little details when decorating. A lot of people brush over the small stuff and only focus on big decorations. That’s a huge mistake. Because you want to style the little decor to avoid clutter.

That’s the main point I want to make with this post is use decorations that have multiple functions. A tray helps hold small decorations or a centerpiece, design shelves hold many small items like plants and candles, a coffee table with built in storage in it can hold throw blankets or throw pillows.

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Always think of unique decorations and home decor that can serve a purpose and has a beautiful look as well. This is the main way to get rid of unnecessary clutter.

And who doesn’t enjoy having an organized home?

So the main step to keep an organized home is using multi function decorations. These 5 items/decor secrets will help you do that.

  • Decor Tray – holding small decorations and centerpieces
  • Shelves – displaying small items like plants or candles
  • Storage Coffee Tables – keeping anything out of sight to eliminate clutter.
  • Baskets – a place to keep throw pillows in
  • Large Bins – a large container to keep throw blankets in


Anyone that knows me knows that I love over the top decor. I love a room filled up with a ton of decorations. You can do this without having a cluttered home. You just have to have items that serve a purpose in your home. That’s why I provided the list above.

Now I’m not saying every decoration you buy has to also have a purpose because let’s be real some decorations are just cute. Like wall decor – farmhouse wood signs and picture frames have no real purpose other than looking cute hanging on your wall.

But the easiest way to have a home that is clean and organized when decorating is get creative on ways to get rid of that clutter.

You’ll notice with the decorations I’ve listed below they are all pretty modern farmhouse style and neutral.

I love neutral decor. White is my thing. So you will notice that a lot of decorations are White.

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So keep reading to see exactly how to decorate a living room with the most affordable functional decorations.


So did you notice that a lot of these decorations are multi purpose? Shelves and trays will always be my go to for that. That’s the one thing to always focus on to keep a clean and clutter free living room easily!

Tell me in the comments below which one of these decorations you love and can’t live without!!!

So I can’t forget to ask you…

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  1. Help! My husband bought beige carpet for my living room and bedroom. I love neutral colors. Can you help me? PLEASE

  2. Completely remodeled/redecorated my home in fave soft pinks, teals, greens and whites. Following my strong intuition, I rewallpapered EVERY room, tying it together with the stated colors, my kitchen got handcrafted teal mermaid tail backsplash which goes beautifully with my swirled brown granite , almond wraparound tall cabinets wit Etsy ceramic pink/gold/ivory pulls, oversized Anthro teal /floral sofa at large dinette w/ blush velvet chairs, and similar stools at pie shaped distressed walnut island. Living room has a chaise sofa facing a CURVED floral/teal sofa in emerald green velvet w/ teal, mutliple chairs in soft pinks, teals. My primary bed/bath is North facing and has soft watercolor mango.ias in pinks/greens w/ crystal lights thru out, a coffee station grouped with deep chairs in front of fireplace, bedrooms sport layered bedding, small sofas at the bed foot, whimsical Mackenzie reindeer and jeweled trinkets abound……I get raves.

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