These DIY Decor Balls Are the Cutest Centerpiece.

Make DIY decor ball decorations.


Do you love decor balls? You can learn exactly how to make these cute DIY Map Decor Balls.

Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I am so glad you are here. Do you enjoy making crafts all while saving a buck or two? My favorite is home decor that keeps me in my budget. Most of the tutorials on my blog  are aimed to save you money while crafting something beautiful. Decor balls are something I enjoy making. These DIY Map Decor Balls were no different. I have made a ton of different kinds. But really loved making these DIY Map Decor Balls. You can see one of my favorite moss ball tutorials here.

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Items you will need for this project:

It’s best to cut the map into small strips to make sure that you can cover the entire styrofoam ball.

Let’s get down to business! Watch the video below to see exactly how I made these adorable DIY Map Decor Balls.

So I used these DIY Decor Map Balls as a centerpiece on a small wood tray. And I think they turned out so cute. Not to mention, it was an easy craft. Equally important it’s affordable. If you love decor balls than definitely make this cute craft.

Also if you didn’t already take a look at my blog post DIY Moss Balls you can see it hereBecause those turned out to be such a fun rustic decoration that I adore displaying on my coffee table.

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