How to Baby Proof A House with Gorgeous Decorations. +13 Safe Tips!

These family friendly decorating ideas are perfect for a gorgeous safe home!

With all the craziness going on in the world right now I want to share some of my favorite tips and tricks to help you keep a gorgeous decorated house when you have kids at home. Kid proofing and Baby proofing the house is a lot easier than it sounds. I will show you exactly how to baby proof a house and keep it pretty. I promise these 13 hacks will help you have a stylish home the easy way while it is still safe for the kiddos. 

As a new mom I want to make sure my home is as safe as possible although Sawyer won’t get getting into things for a while. She’s only 4 months old but I think it’s still important to have a house that is beautifully decorated but also safe for her. 

Tell me in the comments what you have done around your house to keep it safe for the kiddos.

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So if you have babies, toddlers, or your kids are at home these tips will help you big time.

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13 tips to have a stylish home with kids

Baby gates are a must. I have my nieces and nephews at the house all the time and the last thing I want is them by the stairs without a gate for protection. But baby gates can be ugly so here are a couple of my favorite baby gates that are gorgeous and functional. 

baby proofing the house baby gate

how to baby proof the house

Aren’t these baby gates super cute. They are perfect for babies, toddlers, and kids of any age. They are even good for dogs. The best part is you can have something aesthetically pleasing that matches your interior design style and keeps your kiddos safe.


You’ll want to make sure every outlet is covered. These outlet covers are stylish and won’t break your nail when removing it. These are made to be difficult for a child to remove.


how to baby proof the house


Keep reading for more decorating tips when you have small kids!

A great way to make sure your kitchen is kid friendly is using benches at the kitchen table instead of chairs. Benches are a lot easier for kids to climb up on and make them feel independent. These gorgeous farmhouse rustic benches are too die for! 


how to baby proof a house


how to baby proof the house


If you do decide you want to stay with a more formal look for your dining table and keep the individual chairs, these chair covers are a great way to keep clean chairs. You can easily throw them in the washer if the kids get them a little dirty.

how to baby proof the house

You can keep electronics and remote controls organized and not just laying around for kids to take a hold of using the caddy below. A tip to make sure kiddos don’t take out the batteries from your remote is taping the back on. 

how to baby proof the house


I love having cute dish towels hanging in the kitchen. But kids can use the towel to pull open the stove which can be dangerous. So if you’re like me and forget to lock the stove all the time. I need to be better about that. But a great option to hang up cute towels in the kitchen is using small kitchen hooks. Below are some of my favorite hooks and adorable farmhouse dish towels.

how to baby proof the house

These dish towels are so cute!

how to baby proof the house


With everything going on these days I like to make sure we keep the house clean and sanitized as much as possible. And easy way to do this is making sure shoes are taken off at the front door. I’ve included two amazing options to do this below. You can have a shoe basket or a storage bench to keep shoes hidden away. 

how to baby proof the house

how to baby proof the house


Love those storage benches. But if you prefer a smaller storage choice look at these cute shoes bins below.

how to baby proof the house

how to baby proof the house
I like to keep cupboards locked so they are safe for the babies. But I hate those plastic latch locks because I can never get them open easily so I end up just throwing them away and not even being able to use them. I found the best magnetic locks that are so dang easy to use. I have them on every cabinet in my house.

how to baby proof the house


These magnetic locks have been a life saver in my home!


I’ve seen coffee tables that have storage built in them. And I honestly think this is such a genius idea to keep unsafe items out of reach for children. The top of the table lifts up and it’s perfect to stay organized.

how to baby proof the house

I hope you loved these amazing kid friendly decorating ideas.

Because they are perfect when you have kids at home and especially for little ones. Tell me in the comments what other safe decorating ideas you use for your family.

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13 hacks to decorate a safe home with kids in mind to easily kid proof your house.

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