16 Large Clock Wall Decor + 5 Tips to Decorate with a Clock.

The BEST Cheap Large Clocks for Walls and Fireplace Mantels.

This is a must have decoration for every home. Whether you are looking for living room decor to hang above your fireplace mantel or a unique decoration for your master bedroom you have come to the right place. This post has the very best large clock wall decor that you will adore.


I’m going to share exactly how to decorate with a clock

Clocks are a great way to display something large on your wall that’s going to take up a lot of space.

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You have a few options when decorating with a clock.

  • You can use it on your mantel fireplace as a focal point,  and decorate around it. A lot of times you’ll see decorators using a clock on the mantel and bringing in smaller decorations around it. A way to do this is using identical items mirroring each other on each side of the clock. Or using vignettes on each side of your clock. A vignette is a small grouping of decorations that come together to create a theme and tell a story. Vignettes are super common in interior design.
  • Another way to display your clock is by hanging it on the wall and having pictures around it. You can have small photo wall displays on each side. The great thing about using large clocks as a decoration is they draw your eye automatically to it, and you can create symmetry all around it.
  • If you are displaying a clock in your bedroom above your bed you don’t need to have decorations around it and if you do it can just be a simple picture or sign on each side. But if it’s solo and you just have it as the main item hanging on your wall that’s totally fine and a pretty common thing.  This simplicity is something I enjoy in a master bedroom design.
  • Always measure the area you want to hang your clock. Because clocks are usually pretty big the last thing you want is to buy a clock that’s too big to put on your mantel, or that looks out of place because of the size.
  • Stay in your budged when buying a clock. I’ve seen clocks that cost an arm and a let. And I am not about that. I’ve included 16 of my favorite large clocks that won’t break the bank!

So keep reading so you can see my favorite clock wall decor, and I promise you’ll love all these large clocks for sale.


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They are so cute for such a good price!




large clock wall decor
large clock wall decor
large clock wall decor
large clock wall decor
large clock wall decor


large clock wall decor
large clock wall decor


large clock wall decor
large clock wall decor


Tell me which clock is your favorite one? It’s hard to pick just one. But I think this one is my favorite. Tell me which one you love in the comments below.



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